A World Aware, Inc., or AWA, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded by Michael and Lois Calamia. AWA is also a registered non-profit organization in South Africa.


The primary objectives of AWA are to educate, empower, and encourage people from historically disadvantaged and impoverished communities primarily in South Africa’s Limpopo and Gauteng provinces. AWA builds relationships and partners with those who are willing to invest themselves in sustainable, long-lasting solutions for their areas of significant need. AWA seeks to solve problems by providing educational and physical resources as well as hands-on training and coaching. AWA implements solutions with the help of recruited individuals and entities, along with assistance from committed partner organizations.


AWA is directed by these principles:


  1. We do not give handouts, but rather meet people where their actual need is.
  2. We do not duplicate effort that can already be accomplished by an
    individual or organization we partner with.
  3. We work with autonomous and local groups and individuals.
  4. We design and implement projects that are ongoing and continuous.
  5. We do not create dependencies on our teams or organization.


AWA is about creating sustainable solutions. Our projects range from building playgrounds and educating teachers to constructing gardens and providing basic necessary resources, all through community partnership and volunteerism. For more information on our projects, please visit the “Activities” tab below.



Come and join us in South Africa. See the application here.

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Contact AWA in the following ways:

United States of America


Web Site: www.aworldaware.org


A World Aware, Inc.


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E-Mail: info1@aworldaware.org


South Africa


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Postnet Suite 198

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Northcliff 2115

Johannesburg, RSA


South African Phones:

Michael: +27 84-989-5315


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E-Mail: info1@aworldaware.org


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About us

A World Aware, Inc.


Why was AWA created?


AWA started with two people visiting South Africa and finding a need. Through the years, many volunteers have traveled to South Africa with AWA to help people and communities find hope. By creating a network of partners and letting people define their own needs, AWA teams are able to help provide solutions that are pertinent and sustainable.


When I donate, where will my donation go?


All donations sent for project work are 100% delivered to the task. Our organization’s administrative costs are funded separately by specific donations, so all gifts to those in need are delivered without deduction. AWA’s directors are on three continents and carefully consider each project, so that AWA commits to activities that are truly beneficial to the communities we serve.


What happens after AWA finishes a project?


AWA systematically follows all projects after implementation to ensure continuance and effectiveness of the operations. Our teams in South Africa remain advisors to our partners, monitoring the delivered resources and assisting with ongoing maintenance needs. This keeps things local but accountable.


Is AWA a religious organization?


No. AWA’s purpose is not to study or advance religion, or to convert people to a faith. Although we find many solutions through a spiritual context, AWA does not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must follow or convert to a specific faith, or respond in a specific way to a faith. Instead, AWA strongly believes in the roles of personal freedom, mutual respect, and open critical reflection in its relationships with individuals, organizations, and community partners. We listen to the people we work with, asking them to identify their needs so that AWA can help solve the issues most important to them.


Who are AWA’s partners?


AWA’s partners are individuals and organizations that are already trying to make a difference in their communities. This includes schools, crèches, churches, and other nonprofit organizations as well as committed individuals reaching out in a variety of ways. Typically, these organizations have already identified the needs of their community; AWA aims to assist these partners in meeting those needs, to help them be more effective in helping the people that they serve. AWA primarily focuses on alleviating educational, financial, and resource-based needs, depending on what these partners perceive as relevant and useful.


Who are the volunteers of AWA?


Volunteers are people with skillsets that they want to use to help others. This is really open-ended. For example, a computer engineer may be able to teach one of our groups analytical skills that could help them start their own business. Or, a teacher could help us write a curriculum to present to our crèche teachers. AWA does not invent problems for the people it serves; instead, we ask our partners to identify their needs, and then AWA assists in recruiting the right volunteers to meet those needs.


Why are volunteers so important to AWA?


Volunteers are the backbone of AWA, as we are staffed and operated by a volunteer base. Historically, AWA has been built by volunteers – people who care to look outside themselves and reach out to others. Initially finding recruits from around the globe, and now also developing a volunteer base in South Africa, AWA continues to meet needs. Working with our partners, we hope to continue to bring great things to communities while doing as Matthew 28:20 says, "teach others to do as you have learned."


I want to join a team and go to South Africa. What’s next and what can I expect?


To begin the volunteer sign-up process, you will fill out an application and send it in with your deposit. After your application is received and processed, you will attend an orientation that typically lasts about 3 hours. During this time, schedules are set to help you prepare for your journey, plan your project, and discuss your finances to participate. This orientation and following sessions will be with the other volunteers working on the project – your team members. Most teams have between 5-7 training sessions, each lasting about 3 hours. Each of the team members will be bringing different skillsets to the table to help with the project; these sessions will give you ample time to plan how to use your skills for the project, as well as learn how you can support other members of your team.


Most of our volunteers apply following a presentation on AWA’s mission and projects; if you would like to learn more, please email us here. Volunteer Information


Ready to join us in South Africa?See the application here.

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