Interesting life in South Africa, and sub Saharan Africa for that matter.
Meerkats. I like em a lot. They, like mongeeses (or mongi) take care of some of the more unpleasant things in this area. I won't go into detail here but Shakespear (not the old writer guy) did his clan proud!

While traveling around I had a chance to go to Swaziland. Just the name give you ideas! Well, I was meeting a friend there (Brett Miller) and he sent me the GPS of where I was going to meet him. GPS. Now I had been there before so it was not a huge surprise where I was going but I wanted to make sure that since I was leaving so early in the morning (4:00AM, yet is does exist on the clock) that I had someone making sure I did not miss a turn. That works sometimes.

When you leave at that time of day and are going to cross a border there is an important thing to know. After driving for almost three hours I arrived at the border of Swaziland at 6:50 AM. Only to find a very long line of vehicles, including buses with hundreds of people waiting for the border to open. Well, now I may not be where I am suppose to be at 7:30.

You see, Brett had arranged a business meeting in a different location. This outing was to last two days and we needed to be on time as a driver was collecting us. Hahahahaha. Well, miracles of miracles it only took about 40 minutes to get through the crossing, and me thinking there was plenty of time to make the appointed schedule.

I followed the Garmin with complete faith. I followed in complete faith. I followed…well after what i thought should be about an hour drive turned into one and a half, then two then…

There is a newly named road in Swaziland. (Named by me in honor of a chicken) While following the machine in full faithfulness I was directed to a dirt "road" that lead off into the bush. Hmmmmm. I thought. (because I like to think and try to do it all the time, but sometimes I don't listen to myself when I am right and that is usually a bad idea). Well (I thought) I have been to Swaziland before and it is not a big country so have I have seen just about every corner and it all looks familiar. So i'm on the right course.

Just now I see a sign saying "Road closed". But I need to find the place that Brett sent me and it points this way. I thought of a new acronym I learned (thanks Breanne) "YOLO". (You only live once). So I went for it. I trust Brett, he gave me the right information. I followed in faith. Up and down a river bed that used to be the road (thanks for high clearance God). I washed the underside of the Vito real well too since I had good opportunity, and kept going. GPS says "go to this road now", and it had even less obvious ruts now but I follow. This road has a "New" name as of this day. It's called the "Dead Chicken Road".

Here is why. I don't know what was in the tiny little pea brain of that chicken. Black feathers that already seemed to be loose as he ran straight from what I call the "Giraffe Angle" (did I tell you those stories? Well those who have been on those three trips know exactly what I'm talking about!). In other words, to late to do anything about it and as I rolled (not fast, remember the road was not really a road) somehow that chicken who said to himself that morning "I think I'll crow for a bit then go find a road to cross and see if I can outrun a Vito". (Just thinking of that now, I wonder why Rocky Balboa had such a hard time catching that chicken??? Hmmmm???)
Wraaaaaakkkkkkk! mfmfmmfm..uh. As I looked in the rear view mirror I saw one wing standing, wiggling, as if saying "good-bye", or "I surrender", or some other final words like "that was pretty dumb". That bird can definitely say he does NOT LIVE on "Dead Chicken Road".

It was not too long after that when the Garmin said "turn right to your destination on the right". Now, I'm looking for Brett. Hello cow. You are the destination? For as far as I can see there is no Brett. Only one cow and I'm sure he was smirking! You can figure that one out.

What is that old adage about blind faith? Well, this little electronic box let me down again. I back track. I ask a few people on the road where a town is? (they were very surprised to see any vehicle here, let alone one so big with an American in it speaking in a foreign language and asking for help). I keep driving and find a tar road (that is what they call pavement here) and decide to turn away from the sun (cuz that is West in the morning and it was still just barely morning) and look for where I'm going on my own cuz I know I can drive around and probably get lucky now. That is the only option after a machine leaves you in a pasture.

An hour and a half later I see what I think is a place I recognize, so I jump the Vito over the 35 calming zone humps in the road (and I really felt calm) and pulled in behind a grocery store and lo and behold I quickly found Brett's friend. (Brett had gone looking for me since I was much later than he thought I should be after calling from the border. Oh yes, once I crossed over my phone was immediately out of service. Funny thing, just crossing a line and it stops.)

Brett showed up a few minutes later. After a brief discussion he asks me "did you know that Garmin uses GPS coordinates in three different formats?". Well, NO, I did not know that! After investigating we found that to be the problem. We were on our way. Well, six hours later because we missed our initial ride but we were on our way at 4:00 PM.

It was a great business meeting!