Breezy Bath

The meeting Brett and I had was at a wonderful game reserve called Mkhaya. As we drove in, we were treated to many wild animals, and four of the big five reside here. (there are no lions). Driving in we saw birds that were beautiful, rhino, giraffe, and many other species including hyena. We saw a hyena on the road. As we approached, it moved off a few yards, and we stopped to watched it watch us. It was kind of eerie. Our driver told us there were many hyenas in this area as they are definitely pack animals and cooperate in hunts etc.

It was now past dusk, and darkening when we saw some lights glittering not to far away. We drove, about one quarter mile and here we were at out camp. The driver told us that the animals wander freely through our camp. Than means as we found out (we saw rhino's the next day at our breakfast table) that we should be careful as anything could show up. So at this point I am inserting a picture of our secure abode for the next two days.

Security, African style

You will notice that the walls are a bit short, but the excellent security gate actually did keep the hyenas out. I don't know why, they could have gone under, over, around and any other which way that they could. That center pillar is actually a full 6 foot high wall that separated Brett's room from mine. We had such a fun time here. When we arrived remember I told you it was dark and already there were things moving around that we could not see. There is no electric here so it was lantern light. (how did the settlers do it, you can hardly see your computer screen in that light!).

I'm showing the bath too, as it was exhilarating to be in such close touch with nature. There was an abundance of nyala roaming around and watching us watch them too. Brett said his wife would love this experience. I told him my wife definitely would not! Actually, we were both right!













After a scrumptious dinner we retired to our abode and after getting settled in (cuz it was all we could do in the dark) we slept. So to speak. Almost immediately I saw a bush baby family move into the room and scour around for something. (probably dropped their car keys during the previous tenants stay and were back to search for them). Brett said something was attacking his back pack, but I did not hear it at all, I was resting peacefully.

At sometime after dark thirty i saw a…well I don't know. It looked like a raccoon but they don't live here (unless on vacation) so I tried to observe the size and shape and approximate weight. It climbed in over the wall by my bed, alighted to the table where the lamp was on low (I'm not dense, fire scares animals. And I'm not afraid of the dark as long as there is a light) and then climbed the wall to the beams overhead. After it had made it to the beam it stopped and peered down at me. I however was protected. I had a mossy net over me and around the bed so I knew I was safe. In a few minutes it sauntered over the beam to the dividing wall. I was going to tell Brett but I'm sure he was asleep having good dreams.

Funnily, the next morning Brett told me that he saw what I was talking about. It was indeed like a possum or small raccoon. On his side it came over the wall and jumped down on his mossy net rail sending the entire bed quivering (or was that Brett?). How long it stayed I don't know, I was feeling pretty safe and just fell asleep.

There was no mistaking the lullaby of the hyenas, and the soothing notes of the owls. (ok, it sounded a lot like broken records being played backwards). All that ended up in a very restful night?!?.

There was nothing to worry about. Our host took every precaution for our safety and convenience. I recommend this place highly. There is "NO DANGER HERE".